I was so excited when I got the call asking me to photograph a group of young men who have been friends for years – they were all wanting to have their Senior pictures taken at the same time. So we met up one early morning months ago and goofed around! It really was a lot of fun! They are part of a very talented group of kids in a program called Destination Imagination, or DI for short. DI is an educational program where student teams independently solve open-ended Challenges and present their solutions at tournaments (and yep, I grabbed that right off of their Facebook page lol). It’s an incredible program and the kids who participate in it are amazing, creative and ridiculously smart!  They honestly have the brightest futures ahead of them! Good Luck these last few months of high school Brian, Ian, Harrison and Nate!



I had the pleasure of photographing Josh for his Senior pictures in the fall and he will be graduating in June 2018. When we decided to meet up at Redlands’ Historic Train Depot, we knew that there might be passer-bys. What a surprise it was for Josh when a group of kids started yelling his name! You see, Josh is the Redlands High School Marching Band’s Drum Major and this group of kids were part of his band. They immediately went into formation and started marching towards Josh! What awesome shots we got! Josh had this huge, genuine smile on his face. It was really a great moment! I could tell these kids LOVED their leader! We finished up at the train depot and then headed over to Smiley Library for the remainder of the session. I see amazing things in your future Josh!

Joshua (16)Joshua (36)Joshua (48)Joshua (64)Joshua (72)Joshua (79)Joshua (92)Joshua (97)Joshua (105)Joshua (108)


I was so excited when my fellow photographer and friend asked me to take pictures for her and her husband Eric’s 3rd wedding anniversary! I was also a tad bit nervous! I am not sure why. Colleen is so sweet and always says the most complimentary, kind things to me about my work. But still, I was kind of a mess when we started out! I wanted to make her and Eric LOVE the pictures we took! Well, it ends up, I did! Not only do I love how they came out, but Colleen and Eric are thrilled! I love how we incorporated their “babies” and their love of all things Harry Potter! Thanks again Colleen for trusting me to take these images for you two! I had a blast and will cross my fingers you love them enough to call me next year! Kleinberg (9)Kleinberg (28)Kleinberg (32)Kleinberg (54)Kleinberg (51)Kleinberg (78)Kleinberg (65)Kleinberg (160)Kleinberg (157)Kleinberg (150)Kleinberg (99)Kleinberg (103)Kleinberg (109)


I think I have known Brittanie since she was about 10 years old. What an honor it was when she called me and asked me to take some graduation pictures for her as she was graduating from college!  The best part about that was that Brittanie shared with me that she never ever thought she’d go to school beyond high school (which by the way, I did her Senior pictures from high school as well!)… but look at her now! Any schooling is a HUGE accomplishment Brittanie and to be able to share your joy in this accomplishment makes me so happy! Congratulations sweet lady!9[1](6)(12)(20)(33)(35)(39)(64)(65)(52)(45)(59)



It’s always nice to be contacted by a new client through referrals! It’s even nicer when you “click” with those clients. My new friends Leslie and Anthony are expecting their 1st baby this July. They immediately were comfy in front of the camera and we had such a great time together. They’ve also asked me to do the baby’s newborn pictures, and I can not wait to meet their little girl! Congratulations Leslie and Anthony and THANK YOU again for asking me to take your maternity pictures during this extremely special time in your lives! I will see you in July!

Leslie Maternity (41) copyLeslie Maternity (33)Leslie Maternity (27)Leslie Maternity (22)Leslie Maternity (20)Leslie Maternity (10)Leslie Maternity (5) copyLeslie Maternity (44)Leslie Maternity (46)Leslie Maternity (51)Leslie Maternity (56)Leslie Maternity (67)Leslie Maternity (70)Leslie Maternity (76)


I have known Camryn for most of her life.  Her parents are dear friends of mine and her older brother and my oldest son were in Kindergarten together, and to be able to watch Camryn grow into the young woman that she is today has been incredible! I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments, so proud of her acceptance to CSU San Marcos (she’s close enough her Mom and I can come have a sleep over…yeah? lol) and I am just amazed by her perseverance and drive to get what she wants! Good Luck Camryn! I can’t wait to see where your future takes you!camryn-26camryn-53camryn-59camryn-66camryn-80camryn-85camryn-93-copycamryn-96camryn-99camryn-110camryn-120camryn-132camryn-134camryn-135camryn-137camryn-140


I have been swamped with Seniors this year…and I LOVE it! I am finding that teens, particularly Seniors, just on the cusp of graduating are so much fun to photograph. Not that I didn’t enjoy it before, I just think now, that with my own 3 young adult children now grown and out of the house, I am missing them, and the time spent with the graduating Seniors, reminds me of the good times I spent with my kids! I am guessing kind of how some people say they need a “baby fix!” So when Lindsey’s Mom asked me to meet up with Lindsey at Redlands’ Prospect Park, I was super excited and knew we’d have a great time together! I had known Lindsey and her Mom prior to the day of the shoot, so it was like hanging out with old friends. Good Luck Lindsey with your future plans, your desire to serve our country in the Navy and your amazing outlook on life! You are incredible and I can’t see where life takes you!Lindsey (9)Lindsey (34)Lindsey (91)Lindsey (97)Lindsey (102)Lindsey (120)Lindsey (125)Lindsey (65)Lindsey (156)Lindsey (142)Lindsey (135)


 When Samantha’s Mom spoke to me about her 3 year birthday pictures and let me know that she’d be wearing a dress from a collection based on “Beauty and the Beast” I immediately started thinking I needed something different! Something fun, something sweet and subtle to give it a little bit of magic to go with her theme! Enter the grand stone staircase that leads to the magnificent doors of the castle, the enchanted red rose, and a Beauty of a little girl who was the best little model I could have asked for.   Thank You Stephanie for trusting me and the “vision” I had.

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