I have been swamped with Seniors this year…and I LOVE it! I am finding that teens, particularly Seniors, just on the cusp of graduating are so much fun to photograph. Not that I didn’t enjoy it before, I just think now, that with my own 3 young adult children now grown and out of the house, I am missing them, and the time spent with the graduating Seniors, reminds me of the good times I spent with my kids! I am guessing kind of how some people say they need a “baby fix!” So when Lindsey’s Mom asked me to meet up with Lindsey at Redlands’ Prospect Park, I was super excited and knew we’d have a great time together! I had known Lindsey and her Mom prior to the day of the shoot, so it was like hanging out with old friends. Good Luck Lindsey with your future plans, your desire to serve our country in the Navy and your amazing outlook on life! You are incredible and I can’t see where life takes you!Lindsey (9)Lindsey (34)Lindsey (91)Lindsey (97)Lindsey (102)Lindsey (120)Lindsey (125)Lindsey (65)Lindsey (156)Lindsey (142)Lindsey (135)

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