I was so excited when my fellow photographer and friend asked me to take pictures for her and her husband Eric’s 3rd wedding anniversary! I was also a tad bit nervous! I am not sure why. Colleen is so sweet and always says the most complimentary, kind things to me about my work. But still, I was kind of a mess when we started out! I wanted to make her and Eric LOVE the pictures we took! Well, it ends up, I did! Not only do I love how they came out, but Colleen and Eric are thrilled! I love how we incorporated their “babies” and their love of all things Harry Potter! Thanks again Colleen for trusting me to take these images for you two! I had a blast and will cross my fingers you love them enough to call me next year! Kleinberg (9)Kleinberg (28)Kleinberg (32)Kleinberg (54)Kleinberg (51)Kleinberg (78)Kleinberg (65)Kleinberg (160)Kleinberg (157)Kleinberg (150)Kleinberg (99)Kleinberg (103)Kleinberg (109)

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